1950 Founded as ‘Koshin Machinery Co.,Ltd. Started business with Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co.,Ltd.
1956 Established Riden Co.,Ltd. Became a distributor of Tokyo Shoji Co.,Ltd. for electronic products.
1958 Established Kenden Industrial Co.,Ltd.
1966 Established Yokohama Office.
1970 Esttablished Nagano Office.
1972 Became a distributor of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co.,Ltd.
1974 Established Matsumoto Sales Office.
1979 Established Ueda Sales Office and Hachioji Sales Office.
1981 Established Shizuoka Sales Office.
1982 Established Niigata Sales Office
1983 Established Hamamatsu Sales Office.
1985 Established Takamatsu Sales Office.
1990 Change the company name to Kenden Corporation.
1996 Became a distributor of Toshiba Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.(Current Shibaura Mechtronics Co.,Ltd.)
1997 Became a distributor of Toshiba Machinery Co.,Ltd.
1999 Established Kakegawa Sales Office.
Due to Toshiba's organaization change, Kenden became a business partner of Toshiba's Semiconductor Co., Social Infrastructure System Co., Degital Media Network Co., Display Material Co.,e-Solution Co.,
2000 Established Kenden (H.K.) Co.,Limited.
2001 Established Matsuyama Sales Office under Shikoku Branch Office.
2002 Established Sendai Sales Office ,Tohoku Branch.
2003 Established Kenden Micronics Korea Co.,Ltd.
Became a Distributor of Power Integrations.
2004 Established Semiconductor Planning Dept. and DMS Planning Dept.
2006 Established Kenden Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2007 Established Kenden Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Established Kenden (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
2014 Kenden Micronics Korea Co.,Ltd. changed the company name to Kenden Korea Co.,Ltd.
2015 Kenden Singapore Pte. Ltd. changed the company name to SAS Kenden Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2018 Kenden Co.,Ltd. absorbed and merged with SYMCO Co.,Ltd.

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